white pumpkins for the table

Here’s a really pretty seasonal fall display that’s so easy to put together, and you only need four items to create a similar look.

I started out with a flower box from Oriental  Trading  and filled it with mini white pumpkins and Dusty Miller from Roger’s Gardens .

I kept the Dusty Miller in the six packs they came in and just cut them into individual little pots to stick in-between the pumpkins . This way they can still be watered.

Finish off with a few green moss!

Nowadays, the selections of pumpkins are so fun!

By the way, this wooden box had a natural finish, but I wanted to age it a bit.  Have you ever heard of the steel wool and vinegar trick?

All you do is soak a few metallic wool in a jar with an answer of half of white vinegar and half water.

Let it take a seat over night time with the pinnacle off so it comes in contact with air, and the next day seal it up and shake it.

Rub the soaked steel wool on your wood and voila, you have a natural gray stain… It really works! I’d advise testing it out on a small area first.

It?S as smooth as that?

Hope you have a wonderful weekend !

Ciao! Fabiana


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