travel diary: bluffton, south carolina

Bluffton, South Carolina is a fun little stopover for anyone visiting Savannah or Hilton Head . My husband and I spent a few hours there while we were vacationing in HH this summer and we were pleasantly surprised at how fun and hip Bluffton’s become.

The charm is off the charts and there are several great restaurants and art galleries located within the square mile area known as Old-Town. The stately old Southern homes that line the narrow streets in downtown Bluffton recall another far-off era .

Seven Oaks is one of the most prominent homes in town. The first owner was Colonel Middleton Stuart, who lived here prior to the Civil War, and then during the 1920’s , Mrs. Elizabeth Sanders operated Seven Oaks as a popular and successful boarding house for salesmen and summer visitors.

It?S still a splendid and properly maintained home nowadays. Oh, how I?D love to have a peek internal!

This charming front-porched beauty is in need of a little TLC.

Bluffton changed into officially included in 1852 and covered about a rectangular mile of land that?S now known as Old Town.

More and extra homes were constructed at that time and happily for us, lots of the ones houses are nonetheless as suitable as ever!

I couldn?T get enough of the pretty homes on each avenue.

Here’s a colorful one with plenty of Victorian details .

Someone’s not afraid of color !

A steamboat landing was built on the banks of the May River and allowed Bluffton to become a convenient destination for travelers between Savannah and Charleston .

Have you ever visible a extra precious street sign?

It?S best for this vicinity surrounding the playground.

As a forestall at the ferry route between Savannah and Beaufort, offerings began on ?The Bluff? Of the May River in the early 1830?S while the young city of Bluffton became a summer season inn for place planters.

A Farmhouse Gothic style church was later built at that location in 1870, and lucky for us, it remains today, now known as The Church of the Cross.

Word is that the builders of this church sent to England for the rose-colored glass in the windows and inside, soft-pink scored plaster enhances the warm light which is a great contrast to the exposed pine timbers on the walls and ceilings.

This little church is a breathtaking sight to behold, especially tits perfect setting with it nestled under the Spanish moss lined trees and its location right next to the May River.

This little pink accented place is one of the charming art galleries on the main drag of town.

The Store seems like it’s been around forever and was even damaged by the fires set by federal troops on 1863 during the Civil War, but thank goodness, it wasn’t totally destroyed. It’s now being run as an antique store .

This signal strikes a chord in my memory of the Starbuck?S brand.

The Corner Perk serves super-yummy breakfasts and lunch and their own specialized drip coffee , served tableside!

The morning we visited was a little rainy , but there was plenty of seating under the porch and inside.

Here?S a little peek in the Perk.

Eat, Drink & Be Merry!

Sounds Like a great plan!!

ciao! fabiana

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