tomato tulips filled with cheese

Impress your guests with those splendid

tomato tulips which are so easy to make!

Tomato Tulips Filled with Cheese

Ingredients for thirteen tulips:

13 roma tomatoes

14 stalks inexperienced onions

eight oz.Cream cheese, softened

1 small cucumber

? Teaspoon chopped fresh basil

Salt & pepper

A beautiful, decorative appetizer.  We use thirteen because the bouquets should have an odd number of flowers.

PREPARATION: Slice cucumber very finely or grate, and drain on a paper towel. Mix cucumber with cream cheese and basil, season with salt and pepper. Cut the end of the tomatoes in the shape of a cross.  Poke a hole in the other end with a bamboo skewer and place the stem of green onion into tomato in this hole. Fill the tomatoes with cream cheese mixture. Place on plate and tie the bouquet with the last green onion.

ciao! fabiana

recipe courtesy of Biblia Smakow

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