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The District’s Sustainable DC initiative establishes goals and goals for responding to weather exchange, inclusive of a commitment to reducing greenhouse fuel emissions with the aid of 50% underneath 2006 stages by means of 2032 and a hundred% by means of 2050. Additionally, the Clean Energy DC (CEDC) Omnibus Act of 2018, raised the proportion of sun power carve out in the District from five% to ten% by 2041. Conventional styles of power emit carbon dioxide and different pollution into the surroundings, at the same time as sun strength is emissions free.

Rooftop solar generation is the main method for producing neighborhood, smooth energy in the densely evolved District. Installing sun panels on your own home or commercial enterprise is one manner that you may help the District acquire its greenhouse fuel emission discount goals. In addition, rooftop solar not most effective blessings the surroundings however it could additionally lessen your annual strength expenses.Solar For All

The Renewable Portfolio Standard Expansion Amendment Act of 2016 installed the District’s Solar for All Program (Solar for All). The Act intends to boom the amount of solar generated in the District, presenting the advantages of regionally-generated sun strength to low- to slight- earnings households, small groups, nonprofits, and seniors.

Solar for All’s universal challenge is to provide the benefits of sun energy to one hundred,000 low- to mild- earnings households, by using lowering their electric bills with the aid of 50% by 2032. Eligible District residents can participate in Solar for All thru the unmarried own family solar or network sun applications if their household earnings is at or below eighty% of the vicinity median earnings (AMI) threshold. Read extra & Apply >>Solarize DC

Solarize DC is a network-based totally outreach initiative to bring sun strength to District citizens in their houses and businesses during the city. Many citizens are inquisitive about sun but do now not understand are in which to start. DOEE has teamed up with EnergySage to help District residents make the switch to solar strength by using installing sun panels on their assets or subscribing to a neighborhood network sun farm. View EnergySage assets and information underneath. Got questions? Reach out to our team at [electronic mail protected].Solar Education

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Solar Works DC: Solar Works DC is the District’s most advantageous sun photovoltaic gadget installation and task training application. The Program operates a comprehensive 12 months-round training software for District citizens. Read More>>

Energy Education: Request a presentation or materials about power and resource conservation for colleges ok-12. Read More>>How Does Solar Work?

Solar power is power from the solar. One manner the sun’s energy can be harnessed is with the aid of the usage of photovoltaic (PV) panels. PV panels and related equipment paintings by converting the sun’s rays (photons) into power we are able to use (electrons). Learn greater >>Four Easy Steps to Going Solar in DCFind your web site capability using the DC Solar Tool.Contact installers to get a loose website online evaluation and quote.(Solar Contractors and Installers)Decide to very own or rent the solar device. Visit CESA and/or DC SUN to learn greater approximately sun financing.

Install and enjoy the blessings!

Area installers will help you pick the best gadget(s), guide you thru the utility tactics for incentives and SRECs, and answer any questions you may have about how nice to proceed.

Additional assets are to be had from DOEE. Contact DOEE to study our full variety of electricity-related applications that assist District citizens, businesses and belongings owners smooth our air while growing our local economy.

A useful tick list for purchaser’s protection is to be had at IREC’s Consumer Solar Checklist.What if I can’t deploy solar wherein I live?

Solar operates maximum efficiently whilst there’s direct get admission to to daylight. In some instances, rooftops may not be suitable for a solar system due to shading from trees, the direction you roof faces, or the age of the roof or its help machine. If your home isn’t always appropriate for rooftop solar or in case you hire your home or condo, an choice might be subscribing to a community solar machine. 

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Community solar is a manner to allow contributors of a community the possibility to proportion the blessings of solar electricity even if they can not or decide on no longer to install sun panels on their assets. By subscribing to a network solar venture, you could get credit for your electric powered bill for the solar energy generated at a distinct vicinity. Learn greater approximately Community Renewable Energy Facilities inside the District by means of traveling Pepco.

Also, with DC Power Connect, citizens can pick out an approved clean energy provider. These corporations can also buy, dealer, aggregate or market electricity for sale to customers. Please touch the Public Service Commission when you have any questions on a specific dealer or a way to switch vendors.Financing Options for Solar

The charge of solar PV structures has dramatically decreased in latest years and there are a couple of routes to help finance solar installations. Review the District Consumer Solar Financing Guide for greater information (Spanish version additionally attached beneath).What are Solar Renewable Energy Credits?

The District’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) calls for electric powered providers to steady a component in their energy from solar generators which has created a vibrant neighborhood marketplace for Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs). A SREC is a marketplace-based instrument that represents the property rights to the environmental, social and other non-power attributes of renewable power generation. SRECs are issued whilst one megawatt-hour (MWh) of solar strength is generated and can be sold in the SREC market. Learn greater approximately SRECs at EPA. Learn more approximately SRECs at EPA.Quick hyperlinks:How to move sun in DC: Introducing EnergySage – Webinar RecordingHow to move sun in DC: Community Solar – Webinar RecordingHow to go solar in DC: Steps Before you pass Solar – Webinar RecordingHow to go solar in DC: SRECs – Webinar RecordingHow to move sun in DC: Solar Ownership Options – Webinar RecordingHow to move sun in DC: Solar Contracting – Webinar RecordingSolar Financing one zero one – Webinar RecordingDCRA Guidelines for Solar Systems – Permitting and protection inspectionsDistrict of Columbia Solar Map – Estimate any property’s rooftop solar capacity, charges, and environmental advantagesPlanning for Home Renewable Energy SystemsPV WATTS Calculator – Estimate Your PV System’s Electrical OutputHow Solar Water Heating Systems WorkFederal Tax Credits Available for Solar and Energy Efficiency Projects (The District of Columbia does no longer provide tax incentives right now.)Pepco Green Power Connection – Interconnection of PV systems

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For extra records about sun projects inside the District, contact the DOEE Solar Hotline at (202) 299-5271 or [e-mail included].

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