succulent ideas for fall

The transitional time between summer and fall is a great time to replant some of those large pots in the garden, and succulents are the best choice for low-care, beautiful pots.  They always look great, and you can get so creative with the different varieties there are to choose from.

The colors, textures and size of different succulents really let you create unique arrangements that will grow and grow to become more and more beautiful.  And why not try filling a pumpkin or large gourd with succulents?

Find a small pot that will fit perfectly inside your pumpkin, so that the edges don’t show.  Then just plant it tightly with your choice of small succulents.  Voila! You’ll have a gorgeous fall arrangement that will last you at least through Thanksgiving!

Small branches are cut into ? Inch slices and layered across the perimeter of this glass bowl. The addition of spanish moss along the lowest facet completes the look. Pebbles on the lowest of the field will maintain it from getting water-logged.

A tall spiky range looks high-quality

surrounded by rosette-shaped succulents.

Mix and match.  It all looks great!

Ciao! Fabiana

image credit:

Roger’s Gardens

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