seattle: woodland park rose garden

One of our family’s favorite stops in Seattle is the Woodland Park Zoo, and right next door is the gorgeous Rose Garden that was originally opened in 1924. As we entered the stately gates, we were delighted to find a really unique and quaint formal garden with lots of pretty little surprises.

What first stuck my eye, have been the honestly tall topiary timber which can be pruned in a truly fanciful manner. They truely anchor the distance and tone down the seriousness of the formal rose garden.

Little comfortable spots to take a seat and look at the lawn are scattered during the park. There is a quite little gazebo, a shady arbor and some fountains set perfectly a number of the hundreds of roses and other flowers and timber.

These blue hydrangeas have been spell binding!

Don?T you simply love the ones funny swirly looking timber?

The view from the gazebo is perfect!

Even in case you don?T go to the zoo, which is also a deal with,

reflect onconsideration on a quick go to to the Rose Garden.

The Rose Garden is free to the public

with only a small rate for parking throughout zoo hours.

Ciao! Fabiana

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