rainy days and thursdays

It’s been raining  nonstop for the past five days here in So Cal, and I’m secretly loving it! In between downpours I’ve been out working in the garden… planting, feeding, rearranging… a fun change of pace. It reminds me of being in England and tending to my cottage garden!

This first picture was taken in Geneva, Illinois this summer and I love all the time-worn textures and cheery flowers in this vignette. I hope to recreate a similar vibe  near my own shed.

Serena & Lily really know how to design lovely casual décor, don’t you think? I have a tiny little secret that I’m excited about, and can’t divulge yet, but there’s a clue in this photo. ↑

With all the work I’ve been doing outdoors, I’m looking forward to those sunny spring days !

The lavender has grown so much over the past year, and I’m also looking forward to harvesting it and creating amazing little fragrant bouquets for the table.

And the lemon tree is packed full right now! I harvested three bushels this week, but there are hundreds of lemons still on this tree!

I’m sharing a few of my very favorite lemon recipes very soon… so please check back with me…

ciao! fabiana

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