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How Solar Leads Are Generated in 2021

(November tenth 1:00 – 2:00pm MT) COVID has essentially modified the way that solar is bought. More homeowners are learning sun on line and income techniques are transferring virtual. In this webinar we’ll provide a top level view of how leads are generated by each lead technology groups and installers (the coolest and the horrific), at the side of concrete […]

Resources for Energy in Agriculture

(November seventeenth 1:00 – 2:00pm MT) The Colorado Energy Office (CEO), Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA), and Solar Energy International (SEI) gift a webinar on nation funding for power efficiency and renewable energy technologies. At 41%, power constitutes the most important energy expense for agricultural manufacturers in Colorado. The average energy price is almost $23,000 annually […]

PVOL101: Solar Training – Solar Electric Design and Installation (Grid-Direct) – Online

PVOL101 is your gateway to a profession inside the sun industry.  It all starts offevolved with the basics, and a strong knowledge of numerous components, device architectures, and packages for PV structures.  Other subjects include website analysis, system sizing, array configuration, and overall performance estimation; electric design characteristics such as wiring, overcurrent safety, and grounding; a detailed […]

PVOL202: Solar Training – Advanced PV System Design and the NEC (Grid-Direct) – Online

Take a deep dive into National Electrical Code (NEC® 2020) standards in addition to other high-quality practices that pertain to designing secure and green grid-direct PV systems. PV202 makes a speciality of residential and commercial-scale structures, but the Code requirements, layout parameters, and best practices are relevant to every type and sizes of PV installations, which include utility-scale. […]

PVOL203: Solar Training – PV System Fundamentals (Battery-Based) – Online

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PV structures with electricity garage are a rapidly growing segment of the enterprise. This path builds a foundation for knowledge many battery-based totally packages, in which the complexity a ways exceeds that of a grid­-direct PV machine. Load analysis is addressed at the side of different important layout standards such as battery financial institution layout, device options, and electrical integration […]

PVOL206: Solar Training – Solar Business and Technical Sales – Online

There are many opportunities for different careers in the residential PV industry, which includes the business and income side. Addressing subjects from the NABCEP PV Technical Sales job challenge evaluation, PVOL206 focuses on vital technical considerations for PV sales specialists, consisting of financial analysis and machine financing. Through insightful displays and instruction from experts running in the field, the course covers […]

PVOL304: Solar Training – Advanced PV Stand-by myself System Design (Battery-Based) – Online

The PV enterprise started with off-grid structures, and with such a lot of new packages for stand­-on my own strength, equipment improvements and value reductions, the energy garage area is developing like in no way before. This superior direction covers particular load evaluation, fee controllers, PV array sizing, stand-­alone inverters, in addition to severa design examples that deal with the wide-ranging specifics […]

PVOL350: Solar Training – PV Systems – Tools and Techniques for Operations and Maintenance – Online

As an increasing number of PV systems come on-line, the operations and renovation (O&M) discipline is rapidly increasing. This path trains PV technicians to soundly and successfully perform O&M tasks, together with inspections, commissioning, overall performance verification, and troubleshooting. Students will become familiar with a wide variety of advanced analytical gear, meters, and strategies – which include insulation […]

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FVOL101: Diseño e Instalación Solar Eléctrica (Sistemas Interactivos) – En Línea

Este es un curso essential para cualquier character que quiera iniciar una carrera en energía fotovoltaica (FV) y/o comprender los pormenores de l.a. generación de electricidad con base en el efecto fotoeléctrico. La plataforma del curso FV101 le permitirá continuar desarrollándose en áreas como: diseño, inspección, instalación, mantenimiento, ventas técnicas y soporte técnico; todo basado […]

FVOL202: Diseño Fotovoltaico Avanzado y el NEC (Sistemas Interactivos) – En Línea

En este curso se estudian los detalles de ingeniería y diseño avanzados para el diseño eléctrico y los angeles instalación de sistemas FV con recomendaciones de prácticas más utilizadas por profesionales en l.a. industria. Existen muchos códigos eléctricos en países de habla hispana; este curso se basa en el que a los angeles fecha es el más […]

FVOL203: Fundamentos de Sistemas Fotovoltaicos Basados En Baterías – En Línea

Este curso le proporcionará al estudiante una comprensión de los conceptos fundamentales necesarios para trabajar de forma segura en sistemas FV basados en baterías; estos incluyen los sistemas FV aislados (o autónomos) y los sistemas FV conectados a la purple con respaldo de baterías. Se estudia el propósito, las aplicaciones y los criterios de diseño […]

RDOL101: Appropriate Technology for the Developing World – Online

Are you inquisitive about international development, humanitarian work, or assisting others with renewable electricity initiatives across the world?  If you answered sure- this course is for you! The first part of this path surveys technologies that intention to improve humans’s get entry to to basic human wishes: water and sanitation, food processing and cooking technologies, biomass, rural electrification, and […]

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RE100: Introduction to Renewable Energy

SEI’s Free Online Course Welcome to the world of renewable energy!  RE100 is a unfastened direction that covers the basics of renewable strength, and is a excellent advent for those new to the sector, people who are looking to make a profession exchange, or folks who just want to examine more about power from the […]

RE101: Fundamental Math for Solar Applications

Free Online Math Course! If it’s been years because you’ve needed to do any math calculations then this loose path is for you!  We’ll overview a number of the fundamental math abilties you’ll need to achieve success within the solar industry. Along with video presentations the path includes numerous ungraded exercise calculations. Join Will White, […]

SHOL101: Solar Thermal Training – Solar Hot Water Design and Installation – Online

Students on this route will study the principle, design issues and installation strategies essential to put in and preserve a solar home warm water system. Passive solar water heaters, drainback structures, antifreeze structures, and photovoltaic powered systems are all addressed, as well as an introduction to pool and area heating systems.

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