my favorite thrift finds for 2020

It’s only day nine of 2020, and as expected, I’ve been busy thrifting ! After the holidays, don’t you feel like it’s the perfect time to be getting rid of stuff? And along with that idea, I have to say “out with the old, and in with the new!”  (Kinda new, that is.)

You see, once I drive to the thrift store to make my donations, I just can’t help myself, and I have to check out what new treasures I may find awaiting me inside.

This 12 months I actually have a few new matters I keep my eye out for. I?M absolutely into white, specially useful ironstone portions like platters and pitchers.

Here are a few I found this week, and although my roses aren’t blooming yet, I’m thankful that Trader Joe’s has a pretty selection to choose from. The pitcher on the far right is a Williams-Sonoma find from a thrift store that I couldn’t resist, since it’s a nice large size.

Not only are these pitchers beautiful for holding flowers, they can still serve their original purpose for pouring beverages, as well. Check out the article I wrote for Cottages and Bungalows HERE on collecting pitchers.

Flowers are now a way of life here at Casa Ciao with my garden providing more roses and hydrangeas than ever during the warmer months, so I’m always on the lookout for interesting vases.

The 4 you notice above are recent acquisitions, and even though they’ll not be very antique, they match the invoice flawlessly for having interesting shapes and impartial colorations. I additionally just like the form of genres they cowl, from chinoiserie to farmhouse.

It’s easier to arrange flowers in vases that aren’t glass, don’t you think? That way you don’t have to worry about how the stems look. Everything underwater is hidden, and the beauty of the flowers and vase are all we need to focus on.

This striped ceramic vase is handcrafted, and I love how the rim is all pinched together like a pie crust. It?S so lovable! A big bunch of lavender wax flowers praise the rustic pleasant of this one.

This look is so perfect for an informal lunch or dinner. (Those navy blue napkins are also a thrift find and found in new condition.)  I also love that this vase crosses over to my next category, crocks.

In addition to vases and pitchers, crocks are perfect for flowers, all kinds of plants and even your favorite cactus. Of course, they’re great for holding myriad of other things, like wooden utensils, cutlery and other collectables.

It’s nice to see a grouping of crocks on a kitchen shelf that inspire interesting stories of how they were acquired. There’s always a favorite in the group. I happen to love the Blackberry Jam one you see above. I used it in my photo shoot for Country Sampler Farmhouse style HERE as part of a red, white and blue summer tablescape.

The crock on the a long way left has an delivered bonus…

It?S ideal for containing spoons! This could be great for a meeting wherein a "chili bar" is featured. I love making a big pot of selfmade chili after which supplying our guests lots of toppings to select from like distinctive shredded cheeses, Fritos, cilantro, avocado or even diced candy potatoes, my favored!

Next on my list of things to look for while thrifting are vintage brass candlesticks . You can never have too many in my book!

The large timber and brass lantern you spot is also a current discover. It became marked ?Discard? Through Target and ended up on the Goodwill Store nearby. There’s a moderate crack inside the body below where you?Ll never see it.

Picture this during the holidays with a collection of bottlebrush trees inside and brought together with a layer of snow scattered inside?

Vintage wooden bowls are also on my radar this year. I actually bought the smaller French one from Trouvé, and found the larger Munising dough bowl for only a dollar at my favorite thrift store.

Rectangular wicker and willow baskets are easy to find, and I love them for containing fruit and vegetables freshly picked from the lawn. They?Re also useful for sporting cut flora indoors and corralling napkins and utensils at your next accumulating.

I additionally love to apply them as a field for potted herbs throughout the summer season months.

Flat, round baskets are also one of my favorite finds. They’re so versatile as trays or wall ornaments. I’ve found some amazing ones lately at estate sales. This larger one was found a few days ago at a sale in Laguna and is a vintage rice sorter from Asia. It’s got a really nice herringbone pattern to it.

I’m always on the lookout for interesting paintings that just “speak to me”. I walk away, come back and make a decision with my gut. So far, I’ve been pretty happy with the outcome!

So, I’ve covered just a few of the goodies I look for while thrifting . The thrill of the hunt is never knowing what you’ll find, right? So for now, here’s this week’s list of treasures to look for:

  • ironstone pieces
  • pitchers
  • interesting vases
  • vintage crocks
  • brass candlesticks
  • vintage wooden bowls
  • rectangular wicker and willow baskets
  • flat, round baskets
  • beautiful paintings

ciao! fabiana

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