my favorite baby shower gifts

I these days needed to buy a few baby gifts, and I desired something a laugh and beneficial (as typical!) This search led me to a few of recent child care organizations that had just what I was looking for!

Chewbeads makes the most adorable and useful chew toys around, and the best part is Chewbeads are a fashionable jewelry option for mom too!  Just wear and go. Mom and baby will both be happy.

My other love isBoppy. They make the softest and sweetest baby blankets, toys and accessories. Boppy is well known for their nursing pillows and prenatal accessories, but the blankets are amazing too. The Boppy blankets and the Chewbeads are my go-to baby gift choice!

Chewbeads are chic mom jewelry that is safe for baby to tug, touch, and chew!  And, they are a sensory tool to help babies focus while nursing or anytime.  They are safe, soft, and soothing on babies’ gums and emerging teeth.

For brought protection, the necklaces have a breakaway clasp. These necklaces and bracelets make awesome gifts for brand new moms and even new grandmothers!

So clever and adorable!

Even Martha Stewart approves.

Boppy has a great variety of gift choices too. I love the Boppy Chair.  It’s a combination high chair, booster seat, and floor seat. Look at how it folds up easily to take anywhere.

I’m all approximately cushty and lovable toddler garments and Boppy has some simply amazing options.

What makes this my favorite baby blanket is the luxurious plush fabric that holds up to lots and lots of washings and still stays soft. And best of all, the babies approve too!  The last time I gifted this, I was told that it instantly became baby’s favorite blanky!

So snuggly!

The Boppy Nursing Pillow is so versatile for mommy and toddler. It turns into one of the new mom?S most used objects.

Visit Chewbeads & Boppy for more info.

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