joyeux mardi gras

Happy Fat Tuesday!

In other words,

Happy Mardi Gras

You may have seen the little table

I set up for this occasion.

It all started with this mood board that

I put together with elements for my

Mardi Gras tablescape .

I did switch out a few things,

like the green napkins ,

but all-in-all

the mood board turned out to be a helpful

way to harness my imagination!

Any table can easily be set for Mardi Gras

just by using tableware in the traditional colors of

gold, violet and green.

Simple white dishes would look amazing with

slight hints of color brought in with accessories

like flowers, napkins and candles .

If you’re in a festive mood tonight,

why not treat yourself to a

yummy hurricane cocktail or mocktail ?

Recipe found here .

Disneyland is a great place to visit

for mardi gras!

They definitely know how to celebrate there!

ciao! fabiana

cocktail photo by Cheryl Style

Aren’t these perfect for Mardi Gras?

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