joanna gaines’ new she shed

Did you show up to peer this week?S

episode of Fixer Upper where they build and design

a new garden shed,

lawn and bird coop for their personal farm?

I think it?S my all-time favourite show

that they?Ve ever executed.

The inspiration for the she shed is the huge diamond-paned window that she’s been storing in her massive warehouse filled with amazing flea market finds.

The antique doorways are quite marvelous too!

And Chip created the excellent hearth.

Aren?T the tomato plants on the ledge adorable?

It’s more than just a shed ,

it’s a sanctuary and a meeting place for close friends.

Joanna has garden books

and accessories near to hand.

The outdoor garden vicinity is just as


as the inside of the garden shed .

An arched arbor filled with growing vines

is the gateway to and from the shed .

Everything I?Ve ever desired in a

garden is right here!

You can see the splendid doorways here,

behind Chip & Joanna.

And, of course, nearby, under an old oak tree

is a cozy farmhouse table for alfresco dining.

So cute!

The chicken coop is equally as beautiful as

the rest of the garden and the shed .

You know herbs are my favorites!

And lots of pea gravel divides the outdoor spaces .

Chip and Joanna have also been

very busy  with a new project.

They’re opening new restaurant named

magnolia table later this year.

Here’s how it’s coming together so far…

Let me know if you’ve watched this episode yet

and what you think about the whole project.

Even if you’re not a “garden person”,

you have to admit that shed is pretty darn cute !

ciao! fabiana

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photo credit:  Joanna Gaines and HGTV

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