September 22, 2020

Is Windows 8 in fact fine enough to save Microsoft From Falling supplementary astern Apple?

So Finally Microsoft has released Windows 8 and all the truth is on TV and before YouTube Videos at this time is Adverts on Windows 8 along with the new line of devices Microsoft have put out to choose the production.

Is Windows 8 In Fact Fine Enough To Save Microsoft From Falling Supplementary Astern Apple?

Is Windows 8 In Fact Fine Enough To Save Microsoft From Falling Supplementary Astern Apple?

Is Windows 8 In Fact Fine Enough To Save Microsoft From Falling Supplementary Astern Apple?

Obviously they’ve spent a great deal on marketing this and who does expect anything different, however you find yourself asking, does anybody actually care?
I’m sure there are people sitting there in the home who are eagerly awaiting this release and can have either pre-ordered and rushed out to go and purchase it upon release. But can the sum of the they will really compare to how much people who count along the months, weeks, day and hours with an Apple release, including the iPhone 5?

Is Windows 8 In Fact Fine Enough To Save Microsoft From Falling Supplementary Astern Apple?

When Apple releases a products, it make the news, you see videos of individuals queuing up for days and purchasing the street so they are first in line to acquire the newest product. This I’m sorry to state is not the case for Microsoft at the moment.
I would want to begin this article by concentrating on mobile phones.

Is Windows 8 In Fact Fine Enough To Save Microsoft From Falling Supplementary Astern Apple?

As previously mentioned the undeniable biggest selling phone on earth could be the iPhone, it gained massive popularity in the event it was initially released because it broke out of the normality of other phones around back then.

Is Windows 8 In Fact Fine Enough To Save Microsoft From Falling Supplementary Astern Apple?

It’s intuitive interface and convenience was something the consumer really liked but got utilized to pretty quickly. This has helped Apple hugely by creating die-hard fans who believe description of how the can’t swap to an alternative brand of phone because they are so employed to the Apple interface.

Is Windows 8 In Fact Fine Enough To Save Microsoft From Falling Supplementary Astern Apple?

The Mobile OS is similar in many way on the Desktop OS, which results in a specific amount of uniformity between devices.

Is Windows 8 In Fact Fine Enough To Save Microsoft From Falling Supplementary Astern Apple?

This is exactly what Microsoft try to do with the discharge of Windows 8.
For most of you who have seen the adverts you will have realized that every one of the devices in the range, eg. Desktop PC’s, Laptops, Tablets and Mobile Device all run a similar main system.

Also you’ll have remarked that Windows 8 looks noticeably different to its predecessors. Whilst this is the sort of radical change needed to wrestle back a few of its customers business systems, may possibly not be for everybody.
Let’s have a look at Windows 8 and compare is to Mac OS X Mountain Lion…

Apple have defined that consistency in each and every os they reveal. This means that after they found something that worked they follow it and earn slow and steady changes to enhance the user experience. The benefit of that is which they user automatically feels confident with the OS after they apply it initially since it is comparable to what they’ve got used before.

Some people criticise this and claim that it gets boring then there is little reason to upgrade derived from one of platform to another, the industry fair examine make, and soon you take into consideration that Apple are at the forefront of innovation within this field and so they make new things and exciting that folks want, frequently.
A good instance of this is the difference between the iPhone 4 as well as the iPhone 4S, other than additional power and much better technical specs the only real reason to upgrade was the development of “Siri” which allowed user to talk to their phones and use it being a virtual assistant. This really worked and who knows the amount of an incredible number of iPhone 4S sold for that reason.

Getting back to Microsoft what they’ve done the following is make a very large switch the signal from their system, in the sense who’s looks and feels like something totally different. Users will need to grips by it again and the fear is always that many users simply won’t wish to bother spending their time doing that. They will either stay with what they know already eg. Windows XP, Vista, 7 or change to something more conventional for example Mac OS X or a Linux based system.

So what Microsoft produce better be damn good!
It certainly is different, they’ve focused far more on social networking and real-time information to the user.
Essentially now from a “desktop” you’ll be able to receive up towards the second updates from all of you favourite crack houses, email, weather and the like. It is kind of like what you begun to do with widgets in Windows 7 but with a larger scale.

The “desktop” is often a number of “tiles” as both versions is linked to either a website, a social media marketing account, email, or about anything else you would want to prioritize in your daily life.
Tiles can be expanded, contracted and placed next to each other as to what appears initially, an extremely confusing way so that you are able to are employed in multiple programs immediately with absolute ease.

Something we haven’t discussed yet may be the way Microsoft are pushing the touchscreen display revolution laptop or computer using this type of release, their new devices are furnished with touch screen, obviously this is nothing new for cellular devices and tablets, however it is still a reasonably unexplored market in laptops and desktop pc’s.
Windows 8 works on the great deal of touch screen gestures and also the like to make a sophisticated consumer experience. While most the situation is done just exactly the same which has a mouse, there are many features which become awkward to work with, including the search, sharing and settings.

A prime instance of this can be that if there isn’t a keyboard, like for any tablet, there are some Metro features you just can’t use, including looking for an app by typing its name within the Start screen, this is because there is no way to get the onscreen keyboard to display while achieving this.

Although this can be a minor point, and definately will no doubt be addressed with updates inside the near future it will highlight the way in which Microsoft is attempting to strong arm the consumer into doing this their way, with this release.


Whilst Windows 8 comes with some fresh, exciting features and does seem like a genuinely decent release from Microsoft i don’t who’s is acquiring people throwing away their mac’s and rushing into PC-world as of this time.

Yes it is interesting but this really is going to be painstaking process for Microsoft to extract from the slump they have been in, when they can maintain this degree of creativity and innovation within their future releases remodel which will they’re going to continue with the likes of Apple and ultimately restore their crown. However for this is their explanation might need to proceed riding out their storyline as second best until they can strike gold once more.

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