August 8, 2020

Industrial PC in the same way as Linux as enthusiastic System

Programmable automaseringscontroller (PAC) with GPRS modem

Ready to utilize stand-alone platform, used successfully in plants in numerous countries around the globe. Designed for automation, telecommunications, remote monitoring, monitoring. Full range of communication interfaces, including built-in GPRS communication *. Support for standard protocols (eg Modbus, SNMP) to make special user protocols to install. Extensive data logging having a built-in 1 GB Flash memory and support SD cards. The possibilities for presenting web pages (web Scada) completely from the device for the visualization with the current and old data, and handheld remote control. Available software to the creation of PLC-algorithms in a ladder system

Hardware Basics

Suitable for continuous use within industrial environments. Efficient, energy-saving processor and RISC technology. A large amount of RAM for multiple independent services to activate. Rich pair of I / O interfaces including digital and analog input / output, RS232/RS485 serial ports, relay outputs. Built-in Ethernet (LAN) and GPRS (WAN) communication *. Supports the economic 1 Wire bus is especially used by reading temperature sensors. Several are ordered (eg, USB port), in spite of the logo in the customer (OEM versions)

Basic Features software

New firmware with Linux Kernel 2.6.28 as the main system for stability and safety with the operation of the unit. Ability to assist expansion modules to improve the volume of available interfaces (see accessories section). Available tools and precompiled packages, VPN, SSH, SQL, PHP, JAVA, C / C + +.Development tools and support for use, instructions and information materials. Software updates remotely. Possible upgrade for the platform and innovative iMod NX Dynamics web modules. Full tech support via a special portal, exceptional collaboration and project thanks TechBase Solution Partner.


Typical use (3 functions: CLV) – the function of protocol converter (Convert) – retrieve data through the input interface, Ethernet, then a conversion and transfer them towards the output interfaces to external or GPRS module. The function of information logger (Log) – archiving of internet data downloaded with the ability to make sure they are accessible in are a file, database or transfer data to external systems (eg SCADA). The function of access via websites (Visualize) – creating a visualization employing a browser towards the processed data and alarms to evaluate and device Modbus TCP might be configured in order that the functions from the following typical devices.

Suitability for use in industrial environments:

Low power consumption. Real Time Clock with battery backup. The WatchDog function provides control over the operation of selected services in the hardware level. Efficient file management systems utilized in the FLASH memory GPRS Toezicht for some time, trouble-free operation. A compact and durable ABS plastic housing, suitable to the installation of DIN rail components. A simple intelligente installatie installation thanks on the removable screw terminals. No moving parts (fans, disks). Versions with the extended operating temperature.

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