friday cheese platter

A little trip to Trader Joe’s and

we?Re prepared for a bit Friday night time

cheese platter for two.

Let?S start satisfied hour with

a little brie cheese and a seeded baguette.

Fresh rosemary from the garden is the perfect garnish,

and a couple of little leaves on top is a pleasing compliment

to the cheese and those smoked almonds.

Oh my goodness, I know it sounds a touch bizarre

unless you’re from the South , but this

?Crispy Crunchy Okra?

Is clearly appropriate!

And it?S just a little some thing

one of a kind for the palate.

I?Ve grown to like olives increasingly lately

and those massive green ones are filled with

garlic, and a little tart,in an amazing manner!

And of course, the black olives always

pair nicely with cheese.

Did you be aware my new

monogrammed marble cheese board?

I sold it for myself in advance this week

at “ Tuvalu Home ” in Laguna Beach.

It’s perfect for a party or a little TGIF !

And now time for a few R and R…

Enjoy your Friday night and

I wish it?S a first rate start to the weekend!

Ciao! Fabiana

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