french country mother’s day style

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and I wanted to send a little inspiration over to you today…

Inspired by my visit to The Ivy restaurant , I wanted to bring that French country style to my table for a special indoor garden party brunch that’s sure to make mom feel special!

In fact, you can read the whole story here , at Cottages and Bungalows this month.

I became fortunate sufficient to collect a few lovely tableware designed by means of Mark D. Sikes and made by Blue Pheasant.

The plates, napkins, placemats, card holders, flatware, pitcher, and wooden pedestals are all lovely examples of Blue Pheasant’s fashionable tableware.

The roses and citrus are the heart and soul of this table, but not without all the fabulous pieces of this tablescape that are the backbone of the design.

Stop by and check out Cottages & Bungalows’ post on Instagram too, and leave me a comment, if you’d like! Just say “ Hi Fabiana!

Personally, I like to celebrate Mother’s Day all month!

Why not!?

ciao! fabiana

Here are some easy-to-shop pieces to create a similar look:

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