favorite looks from country living

Flipping thru this month?S Country Living mag?

I spotted this comfy kitchen corner.

I love the mixture of vintage portions

from the artwork and the lighting fixtures to

the table and mix of fabrics at the pillows.

Chalkboard walls are always so homey within the kitchen.

They are like consolation food for the eyes!

Well, hello there!

This guy’s hideaway is nestled right below the kitchen island,

tucked away and all dressed up in buffalo take a look at and ticking stripes!

I’m always a sucker for antique maps,

and this room is wall-to-wall maps!

Modern and natural factors combine

perfectly in this light-filled dining room.

A grouping of milk glass vases is so sweet.

Ooh, I need to upload a few of those to my collection!

Ciao! Fabiana

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