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Providing Quality Solar PV Solutions to Western Canada

We’ve Installed over three Million Watts of Solar Power in Alberta and B.C.

System DesignSystem Design

Every customer is precise. Whether you are seeking out a off-grid or grid-tied device, Empower Energy custom designs each system to pleasant match your needs.

Solar PV InstallationSolar PV Installation

Empower Energy’s group of qualified electricians and installers will deploy your sun PV system to the very best requirements at the same time as assembly and exceeding all applicable codes and rules.

Solar ProductsSolar Products

Empower Energy will deliver all the components required to install your turn-key solar PV device. Bare modules, price controllers, and different solar PV components are also available for sale.

Empower Energy is proud to offer extraordinary solar photovoltaic answers for commercial and home houses in Alberta and British Columbia. Our group of absolutely certified experts can design and deploy a completely unique solar PV system to fit any state of affairs. We provide grid-tied and rancid-grid solar systems the use of simplest best additives from top solar manufacturers. As your relied on sun organization, we’ve the entirety you need to move solar.

Grid-Tied SolarGrid-Tied Solar

With grid-tied solar panels, you can generate your very own electricity at the same time as last related to the electrical grid and obtain credit while extra energy is despatched again to the grid. No batteries required!

Off-Grid SolarOff-Grid Solar

Become energy unbiased with an off-grid sun PV device. Store excess electricity in batteries to be used at night or a cloudy day.

Roof Mount SolarRoof Mount Solar

Solar racking is installed immediately to the roof. This gadget is right for homes with right publicity to the sun with few obstructions and little shading.

Ground Mount SolarGround Mount Solar

Ideal for larger energy desires, ground hooked up structures can be placed to maximize your sun strength generation.

In simple phrases, sun electricity is generated whilst sun panels convert daylight into electricity. Solar modules (panels) include multiple photovoltaic cells that harness the energy of sunlight photons by using passing it thru a semiconducting material. Through a bodily and chemical response, this procedure reasons the era of direct modern (DC) energy which an inverter converts to alternating contemporary (AC) to be used to strength your own home. By the use of sun power, you can lessen your power invoice and your carbon footprint. If you are geared up to embody a greener manner of dwelling, call Empower Energy today.

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ReduceYour Electricity BillReduceYour Electricity Bill

Lower your costs by way of reducing the quantity of high variable quotes you pay to software companies and begin generating your very own energy.

Increase YourProperty ValueIncrease YourProperty Value

In addition to being fee-saving, low-protection, and environmentally friendly, sun PV products can boom belongings cost and raise customer hobby.Become aProsumer

Spending cash on power is inevitable, so why not make investments it on your own solar Micro Generation device? Produce your very own power and end up a prosumer!Utilize RenewableEnergy

The solar is a powerful supply of clean, renewable energy that generates 0 emissions when produced for your private home or enterprise.

Reduce YourCarbon FootprintReduce YourCarbon Footprint

While the producing and transit of sun panels is emission-heavy, the lifetime emissions offset of a solar PV machine is giant. Switching to sun is environmentally responsible and might make a real difference for the surroundings.

Earn a Return onYour InvestmentEarn a Return onYour Investment

A solar PV gadget is an investment to your future and has the ability to earn you a vast go back on your investment while contributing to a various economic system.

No Obligation Info Session

Contact us for greater information about our charges and to analyze greater about sun electricity. To provide you with an correct quote, we can want a copy of your contemporary electrical bill. Our group will then offer a initial layout, pricing and data package deal based totally on historic electricity intake and satellite tv for pc imagery of your web site.

Confirm Project Details

Once you approve the package deal, we will time table an appointment for a website visit to verify details which includes the roof condition and surrounding colour and obstructions. We will even overview all present electrical systems and the transformer length. We will verify the pricing and provide a purchasing settlement on the way to sign.

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Approvals & Permitting

If your package deal includes a grid-tied sun device, we will follow for electric grid interconnection to your behalf. We can even post permit programs and engineering programs, if relevant, before ordering your merchandise and additives. Together, we will schedule a date for the installation.

Install & Commission

Leave it to us to install and commission your solar PV gadget. Our group of qualified installers and electricians plays the installation effectively and professionally. The AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) and WSP (Wires Service Provider) entire the gadget inspection, if relevant, and the gadget is energized upon approval of the inspection.

Empower Energy vs. Other Solar Companies

While other solar groups consciousness on enterprise, our ardour is human beings. We want to positively impact as many lives as possible via sun electricity. Our integrity is everything to us. We keep ourselves to exacting requirements while striving to exceed Alberta and BC rules and adhering to our up to date Federal protection application. Even if a venture is out of doors the standard scope, we will use our information to make certain you get your custom PV solar panel installation tailor-made on your precise wishes.

Why Choose Empower EnergyOur group has a few years of revel in and educationWe have an updated federal safety softwareWe convey $five,000,000 in CGL coverageEmpower Energy is proud to supply advanced workmanshipWe use handiest extremely good components from industry leading brandsOur custom designs and flexibility ensure purchaser prideWe are native to Western Canada and we understand the territoryWe aid different nearby industries and small groupsWe are obsessed with building extra sustainable groups

“Empower did a super process for us. We have been new to complete-home solar and Ross defined the overall technique very well. He covered in his assessment a dollars and cents review of what form of power we should expect to supply and what form of savings$ we could anticipate over the lifetime of our device. The set up went top notch. The every day monitoring we’re able to do has changed the manner we use strength in our domestic.

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The apps that are to be had provide real-time power consumption and energy era records, so we are able to tune our use and adjust our conduct to grow to be greater strength green. Our strength provider rewards us for strength produced and any excess energy is fed returned into the grid, which presents offsets to our power bills. I highly endorse running with Ross and his team at Empower!”

“Ross and his group are brilliant.Our experience turned into advantageous from the first assembly at a alternate display to completion of the deploy and flipping the switch to begin feeding electricity to our farm and extra to the grid.The aid thru the software manner to be a micro-generator as well as after set up aid has been well timed and thorough.Our machine has been in vicinity for almost 10 months with wonderful effects.

Solar is the proper component to do, creating a large step in lowering our carbon footprint and preserving our global for the next generation.Make the move to Solar, Ross and Empower Energy can make it happen efficaciously with a best system.”

“One yr in and my system has finished splendidly!The installation was smooth and the provider at some stage in the year has been incredible.”

“We have been very thrilled with the able and professional solar PV installation accomplished by means of Empower Energy.A sun PV system is superb to have on your home and we endorse Empower in your installation.”

“Great people in the back of this business enterprise.I had 0 lawsuits. They did a exquisite activity designing and putting in our 23.7 kW system.”

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