dutch blue

Would you paint your front door a gorgeous blue color ?

Most sun shades of blue have a experience of calm about them, however what can it really say approximately you?

A homeowner with a blue front door is quietly saying that they view their home as a place of refuge.

Here’s a door that evokes a beachy, relaxed getaway.

Those who paint their doors blue enjoy peace from the outside world.

Behind this door is the perfect retreat , calm, serene, and easy-going.

Blue is a color of imagination, freedom, inspiration and calm. Blue is the color of heaven and water, which makes it profound and fluid.

Homeowners with blue doors are probably well grounded and true to themselves.

Ciao! Fabiana

photo credit: Coastal Living, House Beautiful, House of Turquoise

McAlpine House, Good Housekeeping, Quintessence Blog, Elle Decor

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