carole radziwill’s updated apartment

Do you omit the

Real Housewives of New York

as a great deal as I do?

This beyond season turned into soooo

momentous and monumental,

thank you Sonja,

and I?Ve been having extreme

withdrawls ever

since the last reunion aired…

And the opposite franchises don?T seem

to evaluate in the least!

Well, to tide us over

till next season,

right here?S a peek at

Carole Radziwill ’s

newly redecorated


clean from the pages

of Architectural Digest.

And wager what?!

Her iconic tiger print sofa has finally

been reupholstered!

I assume the soft gray


blue color palette

turned into the proper preference.

Looking right, Carole!

Ciao! Fabiana

photograph credit:

Architectural Digest

Carole Radziwill on instagram

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