beverly hills lifestyle

How a lot of us watch the

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ?

I do, I do!

I’ve been watching since the beginning

And it?S in particular fun for me to peer all the

amazing parties they host and attend,

and also to get a glimpse inside their fancy homes .

With Lisa Vanderpump now the editor in chief of

Beverly Hills Lifestyle magazine, we get another little peek at the Real Housewives

Drama and other stuff!

For example, here are the photos of Dorit that caused a little controversy with the women. Dorit was doing Lisa a favor by modeling Lisa’s jewelry for a photo shoot. Well, when Dorit complained about how she looked in the pics, and then Lisa went ahead a published them anyways, with the simple solution of cropping Dorit’s head off!!

Take a look?

What do you consider the

?Off together with her head? Ploy?

Back to the magazine?

It has some interesting content material

like Lisa?S select for holiday presents.

Simply a crimson Chanel bags set!


(photographed at Lisa’s residence, of route! )

And look who else graces the pages of BHL?

our Newport Beach pal Barclay Butera

together with his excursion guide to a laugh locations in So Cal.

But quality of all,

we get a really nice look inside Lisa’s own home ,

which she calls Villa Rosa .

As Lisa’s party planner, Kevin Leealways says…


Ciao! Fabiana

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