a house by the water

There?S not anything quite like

a house by the sea .

Living near the ocean is a luxury for most,

specifically right here in southern California,

but traveling the coast is simplest

a short experience away for me.

The air there is unique.

The sounds round you’re muffled

by using the roar of the ocean

and the moody coastal winds.

The seashore sort of encloses you inner a bubble.

The rest of the sector looks like a far off notion.

I know I love going

to the beach to experience recharged.

Whether it?S a day at the seashore

with the circle of relatives,

or a quiet solitary stroll,

the sound, air and water is

scientifically proven to be

a mood booster.

If you don?T live through the ocean,

visiting a lake, river or waterfall

will have similar blessings.

Just being in touch with mom nature

grounds me gives me a

entire new outlook at the day!

?The treatment for something is salt water:

sweat, tears or the sea.?

–Isak Dinesen

?Every time I stand earlier than a beautiful beach,

its waves appear to whisper to me:

If you pick out the simple things and discover joy

in nature’s easy treasures,

life and residing want now not be so tough.

–Psyche Roxas-Mendoza

?Look at that sea, women–all silver and shadow

and imaginative and prescient of things now not seen.

We could not enjoy its loveliness any greater

if we had thousands and thousands of greenbacks and ropes of diamonds.?

? L.M. 1st viscount montgomery of alamein, Anne of Green Gables

?My soul is complete of yearning for the secret of the ocean,

and the coronary heart of the awesome ocean

sends a thrilling pulse via me.?

? Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

?The coronary heart of guy may be very similar to the ocean,

it has its storms, it has its tides

and in its depths it has its pearls too?

? Vincent van Gogh

?To choose a person through his weakest link or deed

is like judging the energy of the sea by one wave.?

? Elvis Presley

?One learns first of all in beach dwelling

the art of shedding;

how infant can get along side,

not how a good deal.

–Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Locally, I love walking in

Laguna Beach, Crystal Cove, Corona del Mar

and visiting Coronado Island .

Of course, Hilton Head is dear to my heart.

We’ve been traveling that glorious island

considering that we got married,

and it is always a pleasant trade of tempo

from our personal terrifi seashores at the pacific.

As a young female,

I spent some summers in

Cape Cod, which was my first

actual experience at the beach.

Such a laugh times!

What’s your favored seaside!

ciao,  fabiana


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